Alessandra Cianchetta /AWP guest critic at the Advanced School of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano

Organised by Paolo Citterio, the  workshop theme is the general reuse of the eastern and outer quarter of Mantua named “Lunetta” close to the lakes of Mantova.

The Advanced School of Architecture (ASA) of the Politecnico di Milano is an “additional” training programme that is held at the same time as the Corsi di Laurea Magistrale [equivalent to a Master of Science]. Its aim is to increase and develop the professional profile of architect-designers. It does so through design and planning activities that make future architect-designers experience the complexity of the phenomena currently taking place in and out of Europe. In this sense it is an “experimental teaching structure” open to talented young students.
The advanced school of architecture is an “Itinerant School” that is held in the various campuses. The two-year programme is divided into 4 teaching-experimental courses which will be held as part of theme/application-oriented and characterised Workshops, according to specific disciplines that complete each other:

  • architecture of open spaces
  • construction and the use of advanced technologies
  • heritage recovery and protection

The workshops, which are organised on two levels (theoretical and practical), offer experience based on the participation in daily planning laboratories and integrated with conferences, scientific meetings and forums.

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The Advanced School of Architecture (ASA) of Politecnico di Milano

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