, | Columbia University, 114 Avery Hall 1172 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10027, US | 19.09.2017
Alessandra Cianchetta gives the talk I NEED MORE – Working across scales and genres – at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY GSAPPXX in New York (…) I’LL TAKE MORE MONEY, MORE CHAMPAGNE, I CAN’T FORGET MY BRAIN (Iggy Pop, 1980)

I NEED MORE - Working across scales and genres is held within the framework of GSAPPXX, the GSAPP chapter of ArchiteXX, a national organization for women in design

, | Broadcast - France 3 | 16.09.16
‘Chacun cherche son train’

Marc Armengaud/AWP discusses the relations between railway transportation and the contemporary territory in Fabienne Issartel's movie 'Chacun cherche son train' premiered on France 3 public TV Channel

, | BROADCAST - ARTE Creative | 04.2016
‘City Manifesto’

Marc Armengaud/AWP talks in the 'City Manifesto' 8 episodes mini series by Mathias Bones, on Arte Creative exploring alternative potentials of the urban experience from transgressive practices